Another Jonesboro cemetery gets treated like a dump

Another Jonesboro cemetery gets treated like a dump

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) Another cemetery in town has experienced illegal dumping.

On Tuesday morning Jeff Presley with Jonesboro E-911 received a picture of a couch and other items that had been dumped at the Straw-Floor Cemetery.

"I just don't understand why they are dumping in this area." said Straw-Floor Cemetery Committee Member Juanita Caldwell.

Region 8 News reported on another illegal dumping at the Knights of Pythias Cemetery just three weeks ago. The cemeteries are less than a mile from one another.

"It's been kind of an ongoing thing but over the last few years it stopped to a certain extent," said Caldwell. "I am really surprised someone has dumped a couch and then there have been limbs and storm debris that has been dumped here."

Unfortunately, she feels it's more than one person who is doing it.

"I would think it would be different people in my opinion," she said. "Just different people coming along and thinking no one is paying attention."

Committee members try to keep an eye out but it's difficult to keep people from dumping items.

"There really isn't much we can do," she said. "We'll drive through the cemetery but you really can't stop people because I'm sure it is done late at night."

Caldwell said they rely on the citizens to report it if they see anyone dumping unwanted items. To report it call (870) 935-5551.

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