Coaches prepared for on the field medical emergencies

Coaches prepared for on the field medical emergencies

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Football two-a-days have started around Region 8, which means a lot of hard work for high school players outside.

A player in Poplar Bluff passed out on Monday at practice and the athletic trainer and assistant head coach had to perform CPR on the player.

Around Region 8, coaches said they have to go through training for if these situations happen to these programs.  Greene County Tech Assistant Football Coach, Aaron Thornton said, "Last Spring we had a concussion, a kid passed out and it was pretty scary."

Thornton said the staff knew what to do though, thanks to the training they received and sprung into action.

Thornton said, "One coach called 9-1-1 and the other coach tried to resuscitate and do CPR if he needed to, but he came to pretty quick, but he was just knocked out for a good few seconds."

Certified Athletic Trainer with Arkansas Methodist Medical Center. Johnny Grooms said that the coaches go through plenty of training every year that includes training in CPR, going over emergency plans, how to handle concussions, and even how to work a defibrillator.

Grooms also mentioned that a lot happens before the players even make it to the field and said "Every athlete before they touch the field during August has to have a physical in place and we try to have them to get the impact test done.  We've got a couple of athletes now that were behind the 8-ball and didn't get the physical done and they're sitting out and watching practice."

Grooms said that if things get bad they also have the tools set aside to keep the players safe.

Grooms said, "We do have a defibrillator, we have one on each of the main buildings on campus and as the athletic trainer I have one that I carry with me, so we have one dedicated to our athletic programs."

Greene County Tech isn't the only school that has taken these precautions either.  Coach Randy Coleman at Jonesboro High School said that he and his staff also go through the training every year, and also have multiple defibrillators nearby if needed.

Both schools said that they take the training seriously because sometimes these things happen and it is vital to know how to handle each situation.

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