Offbeat: Duck Hunter

December 2, 2007--9:55 p.m. CST

WALNUT RIDGE, AR--He's always got a tale to tell and an eye to the sky, sometimes even a "dead eye." In the wee hours of a misty morning in Arkansas this is where Bob Rainwater longs to be, hunkered down in a pit blind, blowing hard on his call, hoping to catch the fancy of a flight of fowl. Bob's spent the last 60 years dooing his best to make sure they don't get away.

"You get spoiled. Everyday you go to kill a limit," said Rainwater.  "It doesn't always work like that. I learn something everytime I go, so I'll keep going and keep learning."

On this morning Bob is lent his expertise to the Brady brothers with Woody's Guided Hunts... "He can call a few ducks in every now and then," said Jarrod Brady. "We don't mind bringing him, he can shoot a few too."

After 6 decades of mimmicking the mallard, Rainwater says Arkansas duck hunting has seen plenty of changes. "More equipment, better hunting, better guns and ammunittion and more ducks due to ducks unlimited and a lot more money behind it. But when it comes to taking those ducks, it's basically the same that it's always been.You call em and shoot em. There's days they work and days they don't."

Rainwater is a pharmacist by trade... And he's got the prescription for a great duck hunt. A good clear day and a lot of shells." A prescription bob rainwater will continue to fill for years to come. "I still get up like I did when I was 9 or 10. I'm very enthusiastic about it. The day I quit that is the day I quit duck hunting. It keeps me going," said Rainwater.

For more information on the hunt of a lifetime with Woody's Guided Hunts go to or call (870) 886 9356 or (870) 759-2096.