School begins year with new career program

School begins year with new career program


CHERRY VALLEY, AR (KAIT)- It's back to school for Cross County students and this year the school district will kick off a new career program.

Superintendent Carolyn Wilson said they are the only high school in the state to have this type of program. The Career Program will help students become more interested in going to college. Advisor, Matthew Swenson will meet with students about their career goals and plan college visits to school around the country. 

"We realized that our students were applying far too late in the process and they didn’t have enough choices when they graduated so they were left with one of two choices," Swenson said. 

He believes exposing kids to college early can make a lasting impact. Not only will juniors and seniors benefit from this program but students in younger grades. 

"By getting 7th and 8th graders interested in going to college or going to campuses, they are seeing things that they might not have seen otherwise," he said. 

Junior, Carmen Juarez said she looks forward to planning her future. She said this program will help her find a college that's a good fit.

"It’s a new experience, I think other schools should do this for their students," she said. Juarez wants to go to school for nursing like her friend Mattie Ward.

"I think that this is going to help me a lot because with Mr. Swenson’s help I think that it will take me to the right path of where I need to go," Ward said. 

Swenson spends half his day teaching and the other half advising students on their future plans.

"We really wanted to get our students early in the timeline, taking ACT early or getting FAFSA done early so they have more financial aid and more choices when it comes to schooling," he said. 

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