GM recalls impact local dealerships

GM recalls impact local dealerships

General Motors recalls have made quite an impact across the U.S. and it's no different here in Region 8. The amount of people who were affected reached into the hundreds.

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - "Recalls were probably in between 500 and 600 between all three dealerships," said Glen Sain Owner Danny Ford. "There were a lot of vehicles out there that we had to address."

Ford told Region 8 News all three dealerships have remained very busy.

"We contacted the customers and we made a list of all the customers' names that we got through General Motors," said Ford. "Of course we contacted those customers and gave them an update from time to time."

Ford said GM wanted vehicles fixed as quickly as possible but safety has always been the main priority.

"We did tell them not to drive their vehicles and they brought them to the dealership," said Ford. "General Motors gave them something to drive."

Ford told Region 8 News that despite the recall the silver lining was building relationships with customers.

"Our people have tried to take negative and make a positive out of it and try to get to know these customers," he said. "We tried to do as good as we could to make it convenient for these people."

Ford said they are about 80 percent done with repairing all recalled vehicles.

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