Newly formed ministry that helps pregnant women faces troubling times

Newly formed ministry that helps pregnant women faces troubling times

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - A newly opened faith-based ministry in Region 8 is already facing an obstacle that could shut them down.

"We need the community's help and the community needs this place more than they know," House of Virtue board member Stephanie Rock told Region 8 News.

The House of Virtue, a rehab program for pregnant drug addicts, is located in a residential home that isn't up to code for the number of women living there.

Now, those involved in the ministry and the rehab residents are praying help will come in time. One resident, Brandi, recalls the moment she learned her child was born drug-free with help from the House of Virtue.

"I just remember walking through the front doors of the house and almost passing out because I was hysterical, in tears because I never seen that day coming. I never seen myself getting straight. I never seen myself being a mom again," Brandi told Region 8 News.

For fifteen years, drugs were Brandi's life. Her latest drug arrest came a few months ago.

"I either had six months jail or six months treatment," Brandi explained. She chose rehabilitation. But as she was eight months pregnant, her options of places to turn to for rehab were limited. However, a small yellow house in Paragould changed all that.

Brandi said if it hadn't been for the House of Virtue, she would be in jail and likely continue using once she got out.

"We don't want to see these babies addicted, we don't want to see them go into foster care and never know their parents," House of Virtue board member Stephanie Rock told Region 8 News.

The House of Virtue has only been in operation since April. Their goal is to take in pregnant women with drug addictions, break their dependency and make sure their babies are born clean.

Already, eight women live at the House of Virtue, including Brandi. Her 3 week old son, Chandler is the first drug-free baby born through the program.

"The need is so high right now, we are turning women away," Rock said.

Even with the need and the success they've already seen, the House of Virtue is facing troubling times.

"If they close our doors, we'll have three homeless women and five women back in jail," Rock explained.

This week, the ministry learned they needed a sprinkler system inside the home. It's something that they've been told will cost them nearly $11,000.

"We have four and a half days to either find somewhere else to house these women and these babies that is up to code or we have somebody either come in and just give us a sprinkler system or help us with the funds," Rock said.

However she and the residents have faith that this too is possible through Christ.

"This is not the end of the road for them, this is just the beginning. They hit a speed bump, kind of like the House of Virtue did but we will overcome. We are overcomers."

You can contact the House of Virtue by phone at (870) 335-5279 or by email at

The non-profit ministry also accepts donations at P.O. Box 1934, Paragould, AR 72450.

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