Browns Chapel holds first service in new church

Browns Chapel holds first service in new church


Last April, members of Browns Chapel Baptist Church woke up to the news that their church had burned to the ground but on Sunday they opened the doors to their new church.

It was a Tuesday night in April last year that Browns Chapel Baptist Church went up in flames. Nearly 100 firefighters worked to put the fire out but had no luck. On Sunday, Pastor Royce Boling said he was speechless when he saw the new building.

"I never dreamed that God would supply such a beautiful building for us," he said. He said he's grateful for the people who stood by the congregation during this hard time.

"They attended every Sunday, walked through the snow and the mud long distance back to our Family Life Center," Boling told Region 8 News. "It was such a blessing to see our people stick together, stay together, worship together."

Construction on the new church began last November and Boling said they never stopped working even in the worst conditions.

"They worked the coldest of days , 10 degrees, wind blowing 30 miles an hour but they worked to try to get us a church and we are so thankful for that," he said. 

Ty Sims greeted people as they walked inside the new building for the first time. He said it's a tremendous feeling to be able to com inside their new building.

"It was a tough time but we were blessed to have the building we had to still stay on the premises and keep everybody together but this new building is so beautiful and it feels great to be here," he said. 

Next Sunday Browns Chapel will have morning worship at 11 a.m. and evening service at 6 p.m.

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