Local law enforcement gets new equipment

Local law enforcement gets new equipment

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) –A local law enforcement agency just received a new piece of equipment that will help keep officers and the public safe.

An armored vehicle was purchased by the Craighead County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Marty Boyd said they've been working on making this a reality for about two years, and feel it's going to be a valuable asset.

"You go up to a hostile situation, a barricade suspect or something like that, and you have to put peoples' lives in danger by even trying to approach the house. Well, with an armored vehicle like this that we can make that approach, pull up in the front door if we have to, and have protection for those officers inside the whole time," said Boyd.

Boyd also said the truck is so important to them because as police officers they will do anything to protect the public or another officer.

The vehicle was purchased through the law enforcement program through the department of defense.

Sheriff Boyd said it will be used for special responses and can be utilized by other law enforcement agencies and for emergency disaster response.

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