Folklore forecasting: How accurate is it?

Folklore forecasting: How accurate is it?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Winter is still four months away, but a lot of people are already trying to figure out what the season will be like by using folklore forecasting methods.?

Whether they are looking at plants, watching animals or comparing it to the weather now to past years, people want to know if this winter will be as cold as the past one.

George Siebert with Mid-South Nursery & Greenhouse said that the amount of fruit and nuts on a tree could hint that the Winter will be colder.

As he held a stick picked off of a pecan tree full of pecans, Siebert said, "As you can see, that is a bumper crop of nuts on it, if that is any indication whatsoever, we're going to have a repeat of last year."

Siebert said that you can even keep an eye on your pets at home to figure out if it will be a cold Winter or not as well.

Siebert said, "Look at an animal, your dog at home, not the house dog, it's got to be an outside dog and the more fur it has on it, the colder it's going to be, the lighter the fur, the lighter the Winter is going to be."

The folklore forecasting tips don't stop there either.  You can even watch weather patterns that are occurring right now to predict for the weather coming in the next 4 months.  Siebert said, "For every day that you have a foggy day early in the morning, you can just mark that down that you are going to have a dad-gum, bad Winter as far as snow is concerned."

Finally, Siebert mentioned the persimmon seed, which when it is cut open reveals the shape of a knife, a fork, or a spoon.  When shaped like a knife it means the Winter will have cold wind that cuts like a knife, a spoon shape means heavy snow to shovel through the Winter, a fork shape means a mild Winter.

Siebert said that last year the persimmon seed method worked when it shown a spoon and was followed with a cold snowy Winter.

Siebert said that he has already started looking into what this Winter may hold, and he said he doesn't think many will like what he is seeing.

Siebert said if you believe in the folklore forecasting it looks to be a cold Winter.

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