A Better Region 8: A Kum and Go compromise?

A Better Region 8: A Kum and Go compromise?

If you've driven down Main Street in Jonesboro, you've probably seen the signs "Say No to Kum and Go." Many in that neighborhood don't want Kum and Go to build on a piece of property located between Main and Church Streets. The plan needs city council approval.

In October of 2013, the Downtown Jonesboro Association achieved its goal of becoming an official Main Street community, an affiliate of Main Street Arkansas, a branch of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program making it a historic area. And there's the conflict.

One of the reasons residents don't want Kum and Go is because it would be in a neighborhood with beautiful historic homes, some of which are over a hundred years old.

But what about progress, tax dollars and the fact that there is no such business currently on or near Main Street in Downtown? It seems like there can be a compromise. If Kum and Go owns the property, and it's zoned commercial, then they should be able to build there. But a cookie-cutter Kum and Go will stand out too much in such a beautiful historic area.

If Kum and Go wants to come to Main Street, they should design this particular location to match or blend into the neighborhood. In other words saying "yes" to Kum and Go on Main Street makes sense, but not in its current design.

We commend the residents for standing up for what they believe in and Kum and Go for wanting to expand business on Main Street. Both sides listening to each other, being open to all the possibilities and compromising where it makes sense will make this A Better Region 8.

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