Planning Commission meets to discuss rezoning for master-planned community

Planning Commission meets to discuss rezoning for master-planned community

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission met Tuesday night to discuss rezoning land north of Johnson Avenue. It's more than 200 acres of property that hope to transform into Jonesboro's first master-planned community, Greensborough Village Town Center.

They've requested to rezone part of the land from residential to commercial. They also want to change road infrastructure, mainly to Highway 351, to alleviate traffic. They are hoping to put a five-lane or boulevard through the property.

Randy Tolbert with Peters and Associates Engineering, Inc. spoke at the meeting about the traffic impact study that they are doing for the area.

"We are doing it in two phases. One is for whatever is initially completed over the next two years, that infrastructure would need to be in place for roadways to operate at satisfactory levels, and then also at full build-out position," said Tolbert. Tolbert said that traffic study should be done by the end of the month.

The community also got a chance to discuss their concerns about the new development project in Jonesboro. Many residents had questions that could not be answered this early in the design process, but a main concern seemed to be the lack of transparency from the developers.

"What kind of tax money is going to be involved in this? We know road tax; we know City, Water and Light means tax money. When it's tax money that involves me," said Jonesboro resident Iris Stevens. "If it's a project that I have concerns about then I think I should be able to get some answers."

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the request to go before the full city council.

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