New Hardwood Hits Convocation Center Floor

November 29, 2004 -- Posted at: 11:15pm CST

JONESBORO, AR - After multiple logo changes and refinishes on the old floor, new hardwood has been hammered together inside the ASU Convocation Center.

"It's just basically worn out," said David Carmack, the ASU Convocation Center Operations Manager.

Approximately five times a month workers go through the process of assembling and breaking down the court in order to accommodate concerts, rodeos, the circus and other events. A new floor had to be installed.

Carmack added, "There's been a lot of changes (in the floor industry over the past 20 years) mostly in floor finishes and paint."

The pieces are numbered and lettered like a puzzle. As stacked pallets of pieces were unloaded, the new design was slowly revealed. Lady Indians basketball players standing court side quickly spotted differences.

Adrianne Davie, Lady Indians Center, commented, "We noticed that the ASU in the center is a lot smaller than it was before. It says Lady Indians on one side and Indians on the other."

The floor is eight feet wider, it assembles differently than the old one and has a price tag of $98,000. It has four layers of different kinds of wood, and has two things the other one didn't: pieces of white plastic that sit against the concrete floor and a layer of cushioning material that's located between the plastic and the wood floor planks.

"It's a refurbished Nike material that's used in Nike tennis shoes, and it takes out the dead spots in the concrete, and it also helps on the knees, the ankles, the wear and tear on the athletes," explained Carmack.

"There's always aches and pains and stuff, but it probably will help, you know, cushion when we're jumping all the time," Davie added.

Indians basketball players will be the first to hit the maple masterpiece Wednesday night at 8:00pm against Ole Miss. That tip off is 17 years and one day after the Lady Indians played the first game held at the Convocation Center.

ASU's old court was a trade in for the new one. The former court is on its' way back to Chattanooga, Tennessee to the flooring company's reconditioning facility. Workers will re-paint it. The used floor has already been sold to a high school in California.