New school year, new food guidelines

New school year, new food guidelines

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas's child nutrition guidelines have changed for the 2014-2015 school year.

According to the new guidelines no food or drinks can be sold or given away outside the federal child nutrition guidelines.The changes include: more fruits and vegetables, less fat, whole grain-rich foods, healthier sodium amounts. Angie Koons at the Westside School District said they are working to stay within those guidelines.

"They're saying it's because of obesity but they are making it harder on the food service directors and people to serve the kids," Koons said. 

She said her biggest challenges is finding foods that are low in sodium and still within her budget. They passed out the new guidelines and the list of approved items to parents at Open House.

"This has actually started July 1st but it's going to get tougher as we go along because they're going to be cutting it back every year," Koons said.

These guidelines do not apply to parents who pack their child's lunch. It only comes into play if the parent plans to share food with other kids. She said parents should check the school menu every week.

"Be patient with us because we're doing the best we can to feed these kids," she said. 

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