Lawsuit to be filed for unpaved road in Region 8

Lawsuit to be filed for unpaved road in Region 8

BONO, AR (KAIT) - Residents in one Region 8 neighborhood said they are not happy with their unpaved road.

The subdivision on Lenford Drive was built about six years ago. Charles Smythe organized a neighborhood meeting on Thursday night.

Smythe told Region 8 News that every single time a new resident moved in, they asked when the road will be paved.

"If he had to drive this road, everyday up and down this road just like you guys have, he would be frustrated too," said Smythe.

Residents said what makes them even more upset is Lenford Drive is the only unpaved road within Bono city limits.

Neighbors said more than two months ago, the contractor Norman Leonard told them the road would be paved in about 60 days.

As of Thursday night, the road was still unpaved. Grace Drumright lives on Lenford Drive and said they now have to look at their next step, a lawsuit. It's something they never wanted, but now they're fed up with waiting.

"You've got gravel and dust and rocks and it's coming in the house," said Drumright. "It's wear and tear in your cars. He's promised everybody that it will be done. 'When you move in it'll be done, it'll be done,' and it's not done yet."

Smythe said in the past neighbors have been told they couldn't pave the road because of the weather.

We reached out to Norman Leonard and he also said weather delayed the paving.

Leonard told Region 8 News he met with an asphalt company on Saturday and was told the road would be paved in two weeks.

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