Local school creates "Mean Tweets" video

Local school creates "Mean Tweets" video

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Nettleton High School has taken the internet by storm making a video with good meaning based on a Jimmy Kimmel spoof.

The video captures mean tweets sent out by students to teachers that the teachers then read on camera.

Craig Miller is a teacher at Nettleton High School and said that cyber-bullying is becoming a big issue so his students and him got together to make the video to show support against cyber-bullying.

Miller said there is a life lesson to learn from the video and said, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and I wanted to get across to the students to, with your words, these powerful things, to be kind to one another especially online."

Miller and the students said they were all made up tweets, but in good fun while reminding people of the real issue. 

Miller said that the way they made the video also kept things light-hearted and said, "The issue of bullying and cyber bullying is so huge today in American public schools, they wanted to address that in a humorous way through this video."

With the video the group hopes that it has lasting effects, so people remember it the next time they think of bullying.

Miller said that it is important to remember that sometimes something said online can be worse than something said in person and included, "You say something to somebody and the word, it dissipates, it's gone, but you put something online and it's there and it does not go away and its very, very harmful and that's something that we want to prevent.

The students that were involved with putting the video together and Miller himself plan to showcase their video to their classmates and colleagues at the beginning of the school year.

To watch the video yourself you can access it here.

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