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Humane society helps with animal hoarding case in Corning

 CORNING, AR (KAIT)- The Corning Police Department is investigating an animal cruelty case that involves a homeowner hoarding over 40 animals in her home. Margaret Shepherd, director of the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society, said this is the worst they have every worked. 

"There had been complaints about dead animals on the property and that’s what prompted us to show up," she said. 

Shepherd inspected the home after receiving a call from Corning police. Fecal matter covered every inch of the house including the bathtub and kitchen sink. There were also remains of dead cats throughout the house.

"I’m hoping by us removing the cats and the dogs from the property, she will be able to get the help that she needs," she said. 

So far, the NEA Humane Society has rescued 37 cats and one dog from the property. But they will have to make another trip to the home to rescue even more cats. 

"As we bring them in, we start de-worming them , getting rid of their fleas and starting their vaccinations," Shepherd said.

A veterinarian will examine the animals, Sunday. Shepherd encourages people to speak up if they suspect animal abuse or cruelty in their neighborhood.

“As far as I know the investigation is continuing and I’m really not sure what the outcome will be yet," she said. 

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