Arkansas Carry walk celebrates Act 746

Arkansas Carry walk celebrates Act 746

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Dozens of people walked down Main Street in downtown Jonesboro Saturday morning to celebrate the second amendment and exercise their right to open or concealed carry.

The organization, Arkansas Carry, organized the walk to honor the one year anniversary of Act 746 taking effect. The act decriminalized open and concealed carry without a permit, provided the individual carrying the weapon either has not or does not intend to use the weapon to commit a crime.

Arkansas Carry said this is great self defense news for the state.

One walk participant said he and others who open or concealed carry are the good guys.

"That's what I think people need to understand," Jonesboro resident James Harris said. "Just because we carry a gun doesn't mean we're criminals. It means we're trying to protect ourselves from the criminal."

Harris said everyone should be allowed to open or concealed carry to not only protect themselves but others, too.

"Especially women," Harris said. "Your mom going to town, your sister going to town, your daughter going to town, how are they going to protect themselves if they don't have a fighting background or anything. You could carry a knife, but if you carry a gun, you know you've got the situation under control."

To learn more about Arkansas Carry, visit the organization's Facebook page. 

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