Emergency procedures for train crash in Jonesboro

Emergency procedures for train crash in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With the recent train collision near Hoxie it raises the question, what if it happened in Jonesboro?

Citizens near the tracks where the accident occurred had to evacuate their homes.

If that were to happen in Jonesboro the evacuation would have to be much larger due to the larger population of people living near the tracks.

Craighead County Emergency Management Director David Moore said that it is something that he actually thinks about a lot and that he and his team are ready if an accident like this were to occur by the fact that they keep in touch with the railroad service, going over everything from what is being carried on the trains to how to handle a disaster.

E-911 Director Jeff Presley said his team has a list of things they go through if a disaster were to occur and said, "The number one priority is to identify the threat, we need to know what's involved, what type of chemicals, do we have a hazmat situation, do we have fire."

Presley said he knows the kind of materials that are being carried on the trains and noted, "Every single train that goes through is hauling some type of material that could be considered a haz mat."

With the risk of a chemical leak in the event of a crash, Presley said that his team has worked out an action plan to evacuate a large amount of people from an area that may be at risk while taking into affect things from location to the weather.

Presley said, "We would pretty much map in out in a polygon type scenario and say this area needs to be cleared."

With an event like this Moore said that one of the most important things is the speed of the response and how large of an event it is.

Moore said, "The quicker we can respond to an event like that, then the quicker we can make sure that everyone is safe."

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