JPD: FEMA employees robbed, no one charged

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Two FEMA employees claim they were robbed while working in Jonesboro.

According to Jonesboro Police, it happened Saturday night at the intersection of Parkwood Drive and Brazos Street, near Red Wolf Boulevard.

According to the incident report, two employees for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) were checking to see if storm debris had been removed in that neighborhood. One the victims said a group of four to five black men approached their vehicle, showed a large knife and demanded money.

The victim told officers the man with the knife was “somewhere around six feet tall with short hair, a goatee, wearing a white shirt, blue shorts, and red shoes.”

The group got away with $40 in cash, according to the report.

After following the men, one of the victims said the group went behind a home a few blocks away on Middlefield, and then took off in a white Ford Focus.

A few hours later, officers were called back out to that same neighborhood, this time on Sutton Drive.

The caller told officers a group of men were walking down the street and dropped a white shirt in his yard.

Officers confronted the men who told officers they were out to “look for girls.”

When confronted about the robbery of two FEMA employees, one of the men said the employees confronted them while driving in the neighborhood after the robbery and said, “that's them get me my gun.”

The men were arrested, but officers didn't press charges, because of a lack of evidence.

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