Senath residents want grocery store

Senath residents want grocery store

SENATH, MO (KAIT) - SENATH, MO (KAIT) - It's been four years since Senath had a grocery store. In 2010, Region 8 reported that the only grocery store in town had burned down.  Residents are still hoping another one will open.

Barbara Hawkins is a long time resident of Senath and feels it's time her hometown get a grocery store.

“If I start to fix something to eat and I don't have an onion, I can't go to the Dollar General and get an onion,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins said she's concerned for the elderly and for those who don't have a car to get around.

“We don't have a bus that drives people to Kennett or Arbyrd,” she said. “I take people to go get groceries if they need me to take them.”

Hawkins believes a grocery store in Senath would not only benefit the community but close surrounding towns that also don't have a grocery store.

“Cardwell doesn't have a grocery store and Hornersville doesn't have a grocery store either,” she said.

A grant will fund a new community center that is set to be built in the location of the old grocery store. Senath Mayor Joe Lane told Region 8 the city cannot afford to put in a new grocery store. However, if someone was interested in putting one in, there is land available. 

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