Father says third grade son put on wrong bus, dropped off

Father says third grade son put on wrong bus, dropped off

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - The father of a third grade student claims the Wynne School District put his son on the wrong bus.

When the bus driver was at his third to last stop he told the boy that this was where he was to be dropped off and told him to get off the bus multiple times.

"I went down the hill and knocked on three doors and the third house was a kid and he took me to someone he knows really, really well," said 8-year-old Noah Hoofman.

The boy's father, Brent Hoofman, has filed criminal intent charges against the school district and is waiting for the prosecuting attorney to get back on Thursday. He said nearly an hour passed by and he couldn't locate his son.

"My son was brought home by a stranger, I had contacted the school five times," Hoofman said. "They told me they would find him and that he was put on another bus."

On the first day of school, parents are asked to fill out an information form that has their address and phone numbers. Hoofman said instead of using the form, the school used a previous address. He said his son was going to walk home, which is about a three mile walk across town.

"If anybody would have stopped and said 'I'll help you, I'll take you home,' he would have gotten in the car with them," he said.

We reached out to the Wynne School District Superintendent, Carl Easley and he said:

“We had 1,700 kids get home safely on the first day of school. Only one child did not get delivered to the right address.  My staff goes above and                  beyond to make sure the kids arrive home safely. The child did not know his address so they had to use what we had in the system. A mistake was              made when the bus driver did not follow protocol and made the student get off the bus. But the parents should teach their kids their address. Every                child should know their address by the third grade.”

Hoffman said he wants to make sure this never happens to another child.

"The school is telling me that it's their fault and I'm sorry but I'm sorry is not good enough," he said.

Hoffman said his child will no longer ride the bus home.

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