Mitt Romney endorses Asa Hutchinson

Mitt Romney endorses Asa Hutchinson

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Mitt Romney came to Jonesboro Wednesday to endorse Asa Hutchinson for Governor and talk about the failures of the Obama administration.

"I'll make a small difference, he'll make a big difference."

That's former Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney, telling us why he is supporting fellow republican Asa Hutchinson for governor of Arkansas.  Wednesday afternoon at the Fowler Center at ASU, Romney officially endorsed Hutchinson in his race against Democrat Mike Ross.

"His plan, his six point plan is really quite distinctive.  So I decided to come here and make a real push to get as many people as possible to support Asa Hutchinson in his campaign."

earlier this week, Romney,  still no fan of the president, told the washington times, obama's policies were even worse than he predicted.  Wednesday afternoon, he explained in detail what he meant by that.

"We disagreed with regards to actions in Syria. I believed it was important for us to get behind moderate forces there and to see them armed. Unfortunately, the President didn't take action and now we have ISIS using Syria for much of their activity. We had differences with regards to Russia. He pushed the "reset" button, or actually Hillary Clinton pushed it for him.  I think that was an enormous mistake.  He gave Russia what they wanted most which was removal of our missile defense systems in Poland, in Eastern Europe.  The result has been the invasion of eastern Ukraine, one that has been damaging to our interests and of course to the interests of the people of the Ukraine. Likewise though other parts of Africa and the middle east, I think the President's policies have been an even greater failure than even he would have expected and i think his foreign police has been a great disappointment not just to me but to the people of the world that long for freedom."

Despite his disdain for Obama's policies, Romney, still considered by many to be a top choice for republicans in 2016, says his days of running for president are done.

"My view is, the person best able to beat the democratic nominee, perhaps Hillary Clinton, to beat Hillary Clinton will be new to the national stage.  I don't think I'm the right person politically to be able to win that as well as someone that's come up from the ranks.  We'll be watching to see who that is and I'll be there to support them."