ASU students react to game day parking

ASU students react to game day parking

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Just eight days left until kick off before the first Red wolves game. While many are excited for the football season to start, on campus residents are not happy about the parking situation.

A recent e-mail sent from the university to residents at the Northpark Quads states that

between 4pm and 7pm on game days, all non-residents will be allowed to park in the Quad parking lot.

Resident Amber Blade told Region 8 she was unhappy with the universities decision.

"We're students here and we should be able to park where we live and not have other people outside of the school come out and take our parking spaces," said Blade.

Some students said they wished the university would have discussed the parking plan prior to sending the e-mail.

"I don't think that's fair to us because it's the university coming up with the decision without our input," said student Kyron Henderson.

Students feel parking is already limited. Blade said she's upset about not having a place to park after paying to live there.

"We pay to live there so we would like to have a parking spot," said Blade.

Friday, Bill Smith with ASU said the administration is listening to students' concerns and taking them into consideration as they figure out a long term plan.

"We've listened to the concerns of the student body.  But we also have safety concerns and lets not forget the Red Wolves are rising.  So, there is more and more demand for tickets which means more and more demand for parking.  And, you know, there may be points in the future where we have to expand our parking footprint.

Smith said the athletic department will have their finalized parking map at the beginning of next week.

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