A Better Region 8: Our duty as the media

A Better Region 8: Our duty as the media

Journalism is not an easy job. No job is, really. But the last few days have been particularly difficult for those in the media.

This week a freelance journalist was beheaded by Islamic extremists in Iraq. In Ferguson, Missouri, reporters have been pelted with rocks by protesters And have been tear-gassed by police. And here in Jonesboro, a newspaper reporter—fearing for her safety—chose to resign her post rather than face perceived bullying by the police chief.

What do all of these people have in common? They were just doing their jobs.

Just as Police Chief Mike Yates and his officers have a duty to protect and serve the citizens of this city, we have a duty as journalists to inform those citizens. Just as the Jonesboro Police Department takes their duties seriously, so do those of us in the media. That includes newspapers, radio stations, and we here at Region 8 News.

We would be remiss in OUR duties if we did not bring to light perceived injustices by those in power. That's what the reporters in Ferguson are doing, night after night. That's what James Foley was doing in Syria. And that's what reporters here in Jonesboro do every day.

We are all striving to make this a Better Region 8, and a better world. That is our duty and our promise to you.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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