Thief caught snooping through cars on neighborhood surveillance cam

Thief caught snooping through cars on neighborhood surveillance cam

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Numerous car break-ins in Jonesboro and Craighead County in the past week have many residents on high alert, especially since some of the stolen items are firearms.

If caught by police, the thieves could face felony charges and since they've already been caught on surveillance video, victims are hoping arrests are made soon.

It was the last thing Clint Pickens wanted to see.

"The center console was completely raised up, everything in the console was completely thrown about in the vehicle, the glove box was open, everything in the glove box was strewn around," Pickens said.

His truck was broken into and he knew all kinds of valuable items were inside. Though most of it was overlooked.

"They left the game cam, left the tactical light, I had a hunting bag, some other odd and end stuff in there and they didn't get any of that," Pickens explained.

It's what the thieves did take that has Pickens and his neighbors on high alert.

"It's a Smith & Wesson 9 mm," he explained. A pistol he purchased two years ago.

He's not the only victim. Over the past week, numerous reports have been filed including three through the Craighead County Sheriff's Department.

Those incident reports state another 9 mm, a .38 special and a Colt .45 were stolen.

"It is very scary, especially with the fact that there's so many kids in this neighborhood and so many families," Pickens said.

While the thieves had their eyes peeled for goods to take, it's what they weren't looking for that could land them behind bars.

Surveillance video captured by another neighbor shows a suspect walk from across the street to a car in the driveway. The suspect gets into the unlocked vehicle, shines his flashlight around but doesn't see anything he wants. The truck parked beside the car is locked, but it doesn't stop the suspect from shining his light in there too to see what's in there.

As for Pickens, he's just glad they only had stolen items to report.

"The situation could have been a lot worse. Anything could happen. You walk outside and they're in your vehicle...well, now they have a loaded gun," Pickens said.

"It's not worth it stealing weapons and risking the rest of their lives over theft of weapons or whatever else they can get their hands on."

Pickens said he knows of multiple other neighborhoods that have been hit in the past few weeks where guns were also stolen.

If you know anything about these thefts or can ID the suspects in the video, give Crimestoppers a call at 935-STOP.

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