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Malden pound changes policy to decrease number of animals euthanized


It's been an ongoing debate in Malden: what to do with animals when the city pound runs out of room?

City leaders have recently made a change in the policy. It's a change they say will help satisfy both sides of the argument.

Some locals say the pound should not euthanize animals. However, according to the animal control officer, with the pound taking in more than 400 dogs a year, there's just no room.

The pound has stopped taking in animals from other communities.

Before this change, the city's acting animal control officer Danny Grant said about half of the pound's animals or more were brought in from surrounding communities.

According to city records, about 440 dogs were euthanized in 2013.

Grant said the change in policy will help lessen the number of dogs euthanized.

"By not taking the out-of-town dogs, we can spend more time taking care of our dogs and our pound," Grant said. "We are going to do our best to adopt as many animals as we can. I think you will see a large decrease in the euthanasia and you'll see some increase in adoption, according to how much interest we can generate."

Malden Mayor Ray Santie said the pound will continue to euthanize animals that are brought in from Malden after a holding period of seven days.

City leaders say they encourage community members to volunteer to work with animals as well as adopt animals from the Malden pound.

Some other changes going on at the pound include installing new wells and redoing the lighting. Grant said donations from locals or other organizations would help with other repairs like fixing the fencing.

Malden is currently in the process of hiring an animal control officer. According to Grant, about a month ago, city hall took over the humane department, instead of the police. Grant said part of the new officer's job will be to help get animals in the pound into foster or permanent homes.

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