Where we are now: Storm debris cleanup

Where we are now: Storm debris cleanup

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Storm debris continues to be picked up around the city and with the 45 days of cleanup given in the bid almost up. There is still work to be done.

Haywood Franklin is a resident in Jonesboro and he said that his debris hasn't been picked up yet. 

Franklin said his debris has been sitting on the curb for a month now, and noticed some of his neighbors still have their debris out as well, even though places nearby have had their debris cleared.

Franklin said, "They've been picking up everywhere else, but they just ain't come this way."

Franklin said that he has even made a phone call to the city about it, but the debris still hasn't moved.

Jonesboro Street Superintendent Steve Tippitt said that the debris leftover from the first round made by the contractor won't be around much longer as the crews are out now, looking for spots they may have missed and picking up piles that have been called in.  The contractor started this Friday as that was the first day of their second passes.

Even with the multiple debris piles still left behind, Tippitt said that he believes the contractor will be done on time.

Tippitt said, "The 29th, which is next Friday will be their 45 days,but it's looking like if everything continues going like it is, by Wednesday or Thursday they should be wrapping up as far as picking up the debris."

Tippitt included that he has crews driving around town finding, and marking down spots that still need to be picked up.

Tippitt said, "We're taking phone calls and I also have 2 supervisors and a street worker out there, there running the streets, and when they give us an area that they're saying is incomplete, we actually got folks going around and checking."

Tippitt said that the contractor isn't here for all of the debris people may have in their yards either and said, "Another wind storm, it blew some extra debris down so, they're not obligated to pick that debris up and we're making a list of what's from July the fifth to the second storm."

When deciding what is from the first storm, or the second storm, Tippitt said that his crew has a procedure they go by to be sure all of the debris being picked up is from that first storm.

Tippitt said, "We're checking our piles by looking how the grasses go through the piles, if it's knee high than that a pile that probably should've been picked up, if it's got a little bit of green on it, it's one that got missed, and we're making notes of it and the contractors going back and picking them up."

Finally, Tippitt said if you have any piles left in your yard from the July 5th storm or if you have a hole that was dug in your yard by the contractor when they were picking up debris to call the Jonesboro Street Department at (870)932-0660.

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