A look at where "bucket challenge" money goes

A look at where "bucket challenge" money goes

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - On Friday the ALSA organization had raised over $53 million for the fight against ALS. The ice bucket challenge that has gone viral has generated more than $15 million just in the last three weeks.

When so much money is raised in such a small amount of time it makes some question just how will all the money be spent?

According to Mashable.com, in January, ALSA reported that it allocated $26.3 million. 8.5 million of its total expenditures went to public and professional education, 7.2 million went to research, 5.1 million went to patient and community services, 3.6 million went to fundraising and 1.9 million went to administration.

Walnut Ridge Mayor Don House lost his wife a few months ago to ALS. Her diagnosis taught him that there were a lot of unknowns with ALS.

"There is such a need for research," said House. "I was not aware that there is no cure and that there is no medicine for it, other than medicine that might pro-long life just a little longer."

House said the amount of money donated overwhelms him. He hopes this campaign can eventually find a cure.

"It may not help those affected right now, but for those affected in the future it could mean the world to them and it could be life saving," said House.

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