Arkansas man catches 3 bears on game camera

Arkansas man catches 3 bears on game camera

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - One man getting ready for deer and turkey season in Arkansas stumbled upon something much larger. A game camera on his property has captured photos of three different bears a couple of weeks in a row.

"We're not far from the Missouri line so you always hear there's good deer up here," Chris Yancy told Region 8 News.

Yancy and his family bought land along the Arkansas/Missouri line earlier this month. They plan to move cattle onto the pastures soon and Yancy plans to hunt the 200+ acres this fall.

To get a good idea of what wildlife was on the property, they set up game cameras all over.

"My main goal was to just kind of inventory the deer we had and see how many turkey we had," Yancy said.

But the first time Yancy and his father went to check on the clearing, the corn feeder was knocked over and busted up.

"Me and dad, we came up from the forest trail right here. We had our corn, we were gonna refill it," Yancy said. "We pulled up and seen the feeder and of course, both of just looked at each other. We had thought maybe someone had pushed it over."

Thankfully, one game cam was in perfect position to show Yancy who was responsible.

"The first picture on my camera, I actually, really thought it was a raccoon," Yancy said.

Just barely in the camera's frame, all Yancy could see was fur.

Then, he kept scrolling.

"The bear was here," Yancy said as we walked in the clearing. "I put it [the feeder] back up, just thinking they were passing through, like I said. Next weekend, came back and it was destroyed again."

For the second week in a row, his game cam revealed a curious black bear. This time, it was a different, larger one.

"He was standing about right here, that was the tree he was standing up on right here," Yancy said.

Three different bears have shown up on his game cam. Yancy said one is smaller with a tag on its right ear. The other two are larger. One has cinnamon colored patches on its body.

"They're traveling quite a bit down this fence row. I've had 'em for two weeks now."

Yancy said bears were the last thing he expected to show up on his game cam but he's looking forward to getting more pictures of them and hopes they stick around when bear hunting opens in October.

"Probably next weekend, next week, I'm gonna try and start doing a little baiting and see if I can get one with my bow October 1."

According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, season bag limit for bear hunting is one statewide by any method in any zone. Yancy's land falls in Zone 1.

The AGFC has requested residents in Southern Arkansas report sightings and photos of black bears.

Yancy said he posted the photos to social media to let others know of bears in the area. He has contacted AGFC but hasn't heard back from them yet.

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