Jonesboro Police Department holds open house at new headquarters

Jonesboro Police Department holds open house at new headquarters

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The new Jonesboro Police Department headquarters opened its doors Sunday for an open house.

The public got a behind the scenes look at the facility, the former Army Reserve Center located on Caraway Road, which will now be home to multiple divisions of the department.

"We just have the furniture in, no technology or anything like that," Lt. Roy Coleman said. "That's why we're able to let the public come in and take a look at it."

After Sunday, Coleman most parts of the facility will be restricted to the public. He said citizens can walk in the front door to the lobby to get help from the records division and desk sergeant.

"You tell him what you need and he'll get you directed to the right person to get you taken care of," Coleman said. "Really nothing has changed except we're relocating. You get the same service here that you got there down on West Washington."

The $1.6 million renovation created about 30 new rooms that Coleman said will soon become vital spaces for classes, offices, labs and more.

Administration, the Criminal Investigation Division and the Internet Crimes Against Children lab will be located inside the building.

"It's all right here," Coleman said.

The new location houses new features, such as a state-of-the-art evidence storage with a bay attached to it to process vehicles involved in crime scenes.

"We can process it without damaging or losing any valuable evidence that might be located in that vehicle," Coleman said.

The new headquarters also offers a one-stop shop for officers' vehicles.

"You can come in here and get everything you need: car wash, oil change," Coleman said.

He said the facility is more secure than the department's previous home with keypads and security cameras on every outside door and electric locks on the inside doors.

"To get out, you'll be buzzed out," Coleman said. "You'll have to be buzzed in."

The grounds have about 40 parking spots inside a gate for police officers only.

"They'll punch in their access code to get in, the gates will open and the gates will close behind them," Coleman said.

He said the new location is also more efficient.

"It puts us a little closer to the center of town now," Coleman said. "They [officers] can come here and still be in close proximity of their patrol district and not have to drive to the other side of town. It'll benefit the citizens and the police department as well."

The department will start moving in to its new home the week after Labor Day.

"Once we get started, we have to turn the switch off there and turn the switch on here and be ready to go to work when we get here," Coleman said.

Patrols, warrants and the court system will stay on West Washington.

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