Jonesboro police chief resigns amid controversy

Jonesboro police chief resigns amid controversy
Assistant Police Chief Tim Eads (Source: Jonesboro Police Dept.)
Assistant Police Chief Tim Eads (Source: Jonesboro Police Dept.)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates has resigned.

A resignation letter was submitted to Mayor Harold Perrin on Monday.

The former chief of police was serving a 30-day suspension without pay which started last Friday, Aug. 22. The suspension was due to Facebook comments made about a Jonesboro newspaper reporter.

Yates' resignation letter reads as follows:

"Dear Mayor Perrin,

After careful and prayerful consideration concerning my position as Chief of Police I feel that the present circumstances dictate that I must resign my position effective August 25, 2014. I have faithfully served this community for more than 9 years and I think the Department has come a long way, but, as you know, a man must take responsibility for his mistakes and I am prepared to do just that. I let my anger and pride override my judgment and wisdom by saying a number of things that are unacceptable given my position. I love this community and the men and women of the Jonesboro Police Department and will continue to support both wherever this path may lead. 

Lastly, let me express my most sincere gratitude to you and my supporters as we navigated this series of problems but I feel that this matter has evolved beyond what can be rectified.

Thank you and God Bless this City, Michael F. Yates"

Mayor Perrin said in statement Tim Eads, assistant police chief, will continue to be the interim police chief of Jonesboro.

"We want to go very slow and methodical on this because there has been a lot of publicity on this situation," Perrin told Region 8 News. He said he does not have a set deadline for filling the position and he is confident the interim chief will do a great job.

"Chief Eads is a 30 plus year veteran with the Jonesboro PD, he knows his staff over there and I talked to him this afternoon and he didn't mind at all," Perrin said.

Mayor Perrin said he will first look within the department to fill the position before looking outside the city. He hopes to find a police chief before the budget progress begins for next year.

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