Schools help students beat the heat

Schools help students beat the heat

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - School is back in session across Region 8 and the summer heat has moved in just in time for it.

With most of the area under a heat advisory today, how are some of the schools keeping the kids safe in the high temperature?

Principal Vonnie Greer at Greene County Tech Elementary said that the students have been kept inside because of the high temperatures, but that doesn't mean the students aren't getting to be active.

Greer said that the students have only had the opportunity to play outside once since the school year started last Tuesday and since then it has just been too hot.

PE teacher at Greene County Tech Gia Taylor said they are able to use their gym for recess, which is large enough to house the students and includes air conditioning.

Another PE teacher at the school, Derek Henson said the students are able to stay plenty active, inside the gym.

Henson said, "The kids have got to do something, I mean if you stick them inside, or just let them watch a movie, or just stick them inside the classroom, their going to end up some of them are going to get into trouble because, they're antsy, they want to move, they want to do something so, it's more important for them to come out here and have a little fun, and be able to talk and run around then it is to just sit in the classroom the whole time."

And both PE teachers said the students are given plenty of opportunity to be active.

Henson said, "Half of the gym we allow them to play basketball on, and then the other half we have scooter boards, where they can run on the scooter boards, we have jump ropes, we have a pull-up bar, and then we also have a rock wall on the far end that they can climb on that, and sometimes we'll bring out pogo sticks, hula hoops, you know just change it up a little bit from day to day."

Both Principal Greer and the teachers agree that they hope for cooler weather in the future so the kids can be back outside and enjoy the playgrounds.

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