Jonesboro woman cited for animal cruelty

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro woman will appear in court on Wednesday for animal cruelty and improper confinement charges, according to a police report.

According to Jonesboro Police Officer Mike Owens, Lakendra Thomas, 21, of Jonesboro was cited for leaving her dog chained to a gate post and failing to provide proper medical care for a cut on the dog's back.

According to the report, Owens responded to a call about a vicious dog at 903 Haltom. When Owens arrived on the scene, he reported that no one could get close to the animal. Owens included in the report that he "also noticed a large cut on the backbone of the dog that had been there for at least a week and had not been taken care of." Owens reported the chain was too tight around the dog's neck.

Eventually, Owens was able to calm the dog down enough to remove the chain and take it to Jonesboro Animal Control.

Five days later, Owens got a call from Thomas about the dog and claimed the dog belonged to her. When asked about the cut, "she had to call her brother before she could inform me (Owens) that it had chewed through a door," according to the report. She went on to tell Owens that a nail caused the cut.

As Owens was filling out the citation, Thomas left in her car without taking the dog or signing the citation, the report stated.

On Friday night, Thomas picked up the dog from animal control and was cited for state cruelty and improper confinement.

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