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Missing wolf/dog hybrid found and returned

(Source: Baxter County Sheriff's Office) (Source: Baxter County Sheriff's Office)

A wolf/dog hybrid mix is back with its owner in Baxter County. It was returned Tuesday morning.

The Baxter County Sheriff's Office had issued an alert for the animal after it went missing from a home on County Road 645 in the Buford area Monday afternoon.

The sheriff's office sent out the alert noting it was the same animal that escaped in February and attempted to bite someone. In that incident, the animal was quarantined at the Baxter County Animal Shelter for ten days and the owner was issued citations, according to the sheriff's office.

The situation brings to light the safety involved with having such an animal as a pet.
“Had that wolf hybrid bitten someone, because the rabies shot is not actually labeled for wild animals, the only thing they could have done is cut the head off and send it to go get tested for rabies,” said Northeast Arkansans for Animals Director Wannda Turner.

Owning a wolf/dog mix is not the same as having a normal pet. There are laws in place when it comes to a hybrid animal.

“There are strict laws in place for hybrids,” said Jonesboro Animal Control Sgt. Larry Rogers. “The care and the maintenance of them, the confinement of them and our role as law enforcement on checking and maintaining those laws is very strict.”

Both Turner and Rogers said a hybrid animal does not make a good or safe family pet.

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