Westside Elementary shows their A-State pride

Westside Elementary shows their A-State pride

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students at Westside Elementary showed their A-State pride on Tuesday.

Arkansas State University cheerleaders and mascots Scarlet and Howl participated in the school's balloon launch.

Each child released a red balloon in honor of this weekend's first ASU Red Wolves game.

Westside Elementary Principal, James Scott, said, "We're just excited. The school year has started off so excited and I think this is just a great time for kids to show their spirit and their excitement for their town and the college that's here."

Erin Johnson has two children at Westside Elementary and says he's thrilled the school takes time to hold events like this one.

"They get a sense of community pride and they get to participate with everyone and as you can hear in the background they're all excited to be here."

Around 670 children released balloons.

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