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Kennett, MO -- Lauren Payne Reports

Sheryl Crow's Stalker Acquitted On Charges

December 01, 2004 -- Posted at 8:30 p.m. CST

KENNETT -- Ambrose Kappos was arrested last year when he was found lurking outside Sheryl Crow's dressing room at a concert hall in New York City.

He then tried to follow Crow into her limo after the show was over.

This odd behavior first began for Crow and her family in the Summer of 2002.

Police say Kappos told them he tracked down Crow's family through the Internet, and then began calling her sister hoping she could set up a meeting between the two.

Then perhaps the oddest encounter.

Kappos drove to Kennet dressed in his Navy uniform, and asked Crow's father's permission to date his daughter.

In a New York courtroom, a jury sided with Kappos finding him innocent of burglary and stalking charges.

Lisa Barksdale lives in Kennett, and has been following the story.

"I was surprised when I read it in the news that they let someone stalking someone famous get acquitted. If they're going to let someone get acquitted for stalking someone famous think what they would let other people get away with,"said Barksdale.

Like for all Kennett residents, officials say safety is always top priority.

"Usually if she comes to town on a big event, her security team will notify us so we can work out some kind of plan,"said Kennett Police Chief, Barry Tate.

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