Emergency responders react to humorous PSA

Emergency responders react to humorous PSA

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It might sound obvious to a lot of drivers on the road, but it was such a problem in one Alabama town, the fire department made a

to remind drivers where to go in emergency situations.

It's something emergency responders in Jonesboro see too. Now that school is back in session and football games are about to kick off, they say it will only get worse.

"We're all taught that, when we take our driving test, drivers education and everything like that...when an emergency vehicle approaches you from the rear, you should always move to the right," Tim Brickell with Medic One in Jonesboro said.

That doesn't always happen though.

"Whether it's us, fire department, police department or whatever, when we're responding to an emergency, we're trying to get to someone who needs help," Brickell said.

When seconds count, reacting correctly to flashing lights and sirens can save someone's life.

Brickell said most drivers in Jonesboro do the right thing when an emergency responder comes up behind them but when in a congested area, they run into people reacting incorrectly.

"There's isolated incidents when people panic or freeze up and just stop," Brickell said.

Sometimes, Brickell said they merge left, which can make the situation even worse as emergency vehicle operators are trained to go to the left.

"If we have to stop or we have to weave our way through certain aspects of traffic, that just cuts our response time back," Brickell said. "Always pull to the right as safely as you can and as quickly as you can."

Brickell said emergency responders understand that pulling to the right is not always possible but if you are in the position where you can do so safely, it makes their job easier and creates a safer situation for everyone on the road.

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