Lawrence County Sheriff's Department suspended from 1033 program

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department suspended from 1033 program

LAWRENCECOUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Many Region 8 law enforcement agencies are a part of a 1033 program, which provides them with military gear. The Pentagon's Defense Logistics Agency, also known as DLA is in charge of this program.

During an annual inventory that each agency must complete within the 1033 program, personnel were notified that an M-14 riffle had gone missing from the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department.

Arkansas Law Enforcement Support Office Manager James Ray told Region 8 the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department would have to follow strict procedures to become unsuspended.

"They would have to correct that issue, document how they would prevent that issue from happening again and then submit that to us," he said.

Failure to do so would make it very difficult to get back into the program.

"It's not likely that they could actively use the program until they demonstrate that they're going to be accountable for the property that they are issued," Ray said.

Ray said there is no exception to missing or lost items. The program has strict rules.

"If they can't account for the property it is a violation of the state plan of operation, which they agree to follow the rules," he said.

The 1033 program keeps a close watch on items that are given out to all law enforcement agencies.

Not only do they have annual inspections, but the program can do an inventory at any given time.

"During the year we do inspections at a number of agencies sometimes we notify them we're coming and sometimes we don't," he said. "We go in and check and make sure they still have the property and that they are using the property correctly."

Two other departments have been suspended due to loss of equipment in Region 8, the Judsonia Police Department and the Woodruff County Sheriff's Department.

Region 8 reached out the Lawrence County Sheriff Jody Dotson who was unable to comment due to an on-going investigation.

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