Man charged with assault after threatening his mother

Man charged with assault after threatening his mother

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A man is charged with terroristic threatening after his mother told police she felt threatened by him.

Jonesboro police officers were called out Friday to a house on Harvester Street where a woman said her son, 55-year-old Robert Walden, had been making statements about harming her.

She also said Walden had recently been in a mental health facility.

She talked to police officers from insider her garage because she was scared to be in her house with him.

According to the police report, when they found Walden in a bedroom they asked if he had any weapons and he said "I wish I had a gun, I'd kill you."

While being walked to the police car Walden continued to shout offensive language while neighbors were outside of their houses.

He is being charged with terroristic threatening, assault, and disorderly conduct.

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