Folks hit the road for Labor Day festivities

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many folks were out today packing up and heading out to meet with family and friends for Labor Day.

"I'm doing a whole bunch of stuff," said Jonesboro resident Zach Rikard. "I'm hanging out with friends, traveling and going to see family in Hardy."

Rikard told Region 8 he goes to Hardy for the holiday weekend every year to get away and spend some much needed time with family.

"We have a river lot down there and we like go and fish, swim, grill out and just have fun," he said.

Some people were on their way back from visiting family and looking forward to spending Labor Day at home.

"We went home to the Cotton Plant Festival and we came back and really we're just going to relax," said Jonesboro resident Carmeleta Milton."Tomorrow we're going to Bar-B-Que and let the kids go out to the park."

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