Arkansas Teal season opens Sept. 13

Arkansas Teal season opens Sept. 13

LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – Arkansas waterfowl hunters can begin their warmup period Saturday, Sept. 13, with the opening of statewide teal season.

This hunt is now 16 days, running through Sunday, Sept. 28. Hunters are limited to only teal, the fast-flying small ducks that are early migrators from breeding grounds in the north.

There are three varieties of teal that visit the state – blue-winged, green-winged and cinnamon. Blue-winged teal are the most common in September. Hunters have to be careful to distinguish between teal and wood ducks, which are year-round Arkansas residents.

Shooting hours for teal are sunrise to sunset, which differs from regular duck and goose hours of 30 minutes before sunrise to sunset. Hunters 16 and older must carry both federal and state migratory waterfowl hunting stamps, and they must also have current Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration, which is free.

Teal are found in many areas of the state that also attract ducks a little later in the year. Daily bag limit is six teal of any type, and the possession limit is 18.

Hunting is already open for some marsh birds -- common and purple gallinule through Nov. 9. Virginia rail and sora rail opens Sept. 6.