Mosquitoes in full force into fall

Mosquitoes in full force into fall

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - September has arrived but the mosquitoes have still stuck around. Some places in Region 8 are really suffering from the pesky bugs.

"We spray here every night," said Harrisburg Street Superintendent Danny Faulkner. "It takes about three and half hours to spray the whole town inside the city limits."

Faulkner told Region 8 this summer's abnormal weather may have caused the mosquitoes to stick around longer.

"They're a little worse this year with the wet spring and these rice fields," he said. "We'll try and kill them and spray them and then the wind blows and a new crop of mosquitoes come."

There are no days off from spraying unless it's raining. Faulkner knows the city depends on them to get rid of as many as possible.

"The guys take turns, whether they volunteer or if they don't volunteer but everybody has to take a night," he said.

Carl Webb is a resident of Harrisburg and said even though the city is out every night spraying, you still want to avoid being outdoors at night.

"They're not too bad during the day time but once the sun goes down then they get pretty rough," said Webb. "You're not going to stay outside too much after sun down."

The city will continue to spray for the next two weeks before shutting down for the season.