Big Horses and Big Hearts Raise Money for the United Way

December 3, 2004 – Posted at 2:10 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- It's not every day that you see a horse and carriage rolling through Region 8...but that was the case Friday afternoon. There were some big horses and big hearts raising money for a good cause.

"Big! They're really big!" exclaimed five-year-old Kennedy Brown as he gawked at the horses.

Even seasoned horse riders like seven-year-old Michaela Brandon couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the Express Personnel Clydesdales at the Northeast Arkansas District Fairgrounds.

"I have never seen a horse that big!" said Brandon.

And for a few dollars, it was the experience of a lifetime.

"Sometimes if you get to ride, you know like on the back, it's kind of like whoa! This isn't what I was expecting," said Brandon.

Funds raised from the event will go to the United Way, and having the horses in Jonesboro is a real treat.

"They typically do not come to towns unless the population is 150,000. But due to the success we've had at our office here in Jonesboro, they allowed us to bring them in for the Christmas parade and for the United Way Fundraiser," said Jeremy Thacker of Express Personnel Services.

Money raised for a good cause, and a ride to remember.

"We are going to do it again, but we haven't. My Nana doesn't have enough money.... she only has three dollars," said Brown.

The Clydesdales have also made appearances at the Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade, the Hollywood Christmas Parade and they were crowned the National 6-horse Champions in 2001 and 2002.