Sharp County Hospital Closes Leaving Residents Concerned about Emergency Care

December 3, 2004--Posted at 7:30 p.m. CST

CHEROKEE VILLAGE-- Over a hundred workers are without a job because of the closure of the Eastern Ozark Regional Health System.

Rumors of the complete closure have been confirmed, and residents are worried about emergency care.

The nearest emergency room is at least one hour away, and abulance services are working overtime to insure the safety of this retirement community.

The nearest emergency room is located in Batesville.

Cherokee Village resident Pat Gage says, "That worries me to think that there isn't a hospital here in Cherokee Village."

Resident Emily Grieshaber agrees, "From here to Batesville! If you've got to go to Batesville, I could be dead by then. It's not right."

Doctors are working hard to see that the hospital reopens as soon as possible.

They are approaching several potential buyers for the facility.

"There are headquarters who specialize in purchasing rehabilitating and then potentially reselling hospitals," Dr. George Jackson says.

For Cherokee Village, hopes for this hospital are anxiously awaited.