Student health amidst temperature changes

Student health amidst temperature changes

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - With kids back in school and temperatures getting cooler, it's getting to be that time of year when kids start getting sick more and schools around the area are working hard to keep the kids at school, instead of at home.

Greene County Tech Elementary Principal Vonnie Greer said that they haven't seen anything bad, but they have had a few kids miss so far.

Greer said, "We've had several with head colds and sore throat."

Greene County Tech has many ways for kids to stay healthy, Greer said that the teachers push hand washing frequently and if the students do miss a chance to wash their hands, they can use hand sanitizer from dispensers located throughout the building.  Greer said that they even have one in the cafeteria so kids can be germ free before they eat.

Greene County Tech has a few guidelines they go by, so if one student gets sick, more won't.

Greer said, "If a child has a fever than they have to go home that day. We don't know you know, what the reason for the fever is, but we always take precaution."

If a student is at school and comes down with a fever, school nurse Evan Rucker said she has a way to bring down the fever after having it approved by parents.

Rucker said, "We call the the parents right away, and normally we ask would you like them to have tylonol, ibuprofen, and we give that, and we let the parents know what time we have given it."

There are other reasons as well that the school may send students home, but for good reason.

Rucker said, "If they do get sick to their stomach, they may or may not have a fever, but technically we do have the parents come get them from school, if they get sick on the playground, if they get too dizzy or something like that, then they may not have to go home if they throw up after that, but it just depends on the circumstances."

Rucker also said that the school works well to keep the kids healthy through clinics.   She said that every year they have a flu clinic, and if the students' parents approve, the student will get their flu shot early in the season, preventing the flu from spreading later in the year.

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