Thank you for five great years of Region 8 Sports

Today is more than just another exciting Football Friday Night. It marks my final day at KAIT. On Monday I will begin my new journey as WLBT Sports Director in Jackson, Mississippi.

It has certainly been a great five-year run at Region 8 News. When I moved to Jonesboro in 2009, I certainly didn't expect the amount of coaches, parents, athletes, and viewers to care that much about the product. It has been a honor and a pleasure to cover the teams and schools that you care about.

My goals when I moved here were to work hard, have fun, be relevant, and be respectful. I feel like I went 4 for 4 from the plate. I didn't want to just be good calling highlights every night. I wanted to find the pulse of NEA sports & show it in a interesting way. I wanted to throw a bunch of ideas at the wall and see what stuck, like The Ocho. Thankfully a lot of ideas stuck and didn't...well you know.

From emails of joy, back-and-forth tweets, to even those late night phone calls of sports rage, I appreciated your feedback. Why? Because it shows that local sports matter. I know local sports matter to Blake and Kamen, and they'll work as hard as possible to continue to make it so.

Not many people get a chance to talk about sports for a living. The day I stop having fun is the day I choose another profession. Thankfully that day hasn't come yet.