Crosses make a comeback on t-shirts across town

Crosses make a comeback on t-shirts across town

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - From open til close, business didn't slow down at the Design Shoppe in Jonesboro.

Customer after customer came in looking for the cross that the ASU football team was made to remove from their helmets.

"We printed the first 250 Wednesday afternoon and sold through those," Shelia Hoffman with the Design Shoppe told Region 8 News. "Today, we printed another 400 and just placed another order for another 750."

For Hoffman, the news that the players had to remove the crosses hit close to home.

Hoffman said Owens and Weyer were like family. That's why the money made from those shirts won't go to the Design Shoppe.

"We're raising the money to go towards the scholarship. Our goal is $20,000," Hoffman said.

With sales not slowing down, Hoffman is hopeful. "It's amazing what this community, I mean how this community is rallying behind these boys," she said.

Across town, the Jonesboro Radio Group is receiving the same support.

"I'm getting text messages from people, here's one right here that just says 'I'm proud of Jonesboro, the community for supporting these Red Wolf players.' That's the kind of feedback we're getting from people all over town," Trey Stafford Said.

Stafford explained it's that kind of support that prompted them to get 1,000 shirts made with the same logo to give away for free.

"To show the players, hey, we're with you guys! We know what you were doing, we know what you wanted to do and we're willing to go out on a limb and do it with you," Stafford said.

Stafford said though the shirts are free, he said people only need to pick one up if they plan to wear it to the next home game on September 20.

"The idea is for the team to run onto the field and see a stand full of shirts," Stafford said.

"We'll be making a statement on Saturday for sure," Hoffman said.

Stafford said the free t-shirts will be available Thursday morning at the three Bill's Fresh Market locations in Jonesboro, Fat City Steak & Grillhouse as well as Eric Burch Real Estate, Barton's Powersports and Premiere Auto.

Hoffman told Region 8 News that she plans to have t-shirts available on game day for those who weren't able to pre-order. The Design Shoppe will also continue to print the tees as long as there is a demand for them.

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