Marmaduke church builds new home for member

Marmaduke church builds new home for member

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT)- Marmaduke First Baptist Church had an open house Saturday for the home they built for a member of the congregation.

The project began a year ago when the pastor was visiting a member of his church and noticed her home was in desperate need of repair.This is a prime example of practicing what you preach. The church saw a need and decided to do something about it.

"I said 'why me' and he said Joan because you deserve it and I said why," said Joan Cudd. "I was just amazed, it's so pretty, everything matches and everything is marvelous."

Pastor Kim Bridges made a visit to Cudd's old home and knew something had to be done. The floor had fallen in and there were multiple leaks in the ceiling.

"It was a very antiquated home a little over 100 years old, had a lot of disrepair, it was basically unlivable," Bridges said. 

Cudd said there was nothing she could do because she didn't have the money. So the church decided to build her a new home.

"A lot of different people have given a lot of time and resources and talents, we secured a small loan," Bridges said. 

Cudd and her son were moved into a parsonage and demolition began on her home. The church called it “Mission Marmaduke Extreme Home Makeover.”

"I don't understand and he said well we all love you and we want to do something for you and I said well I appreciate it,"Cudd said. "It's just a wonderful, wonderful feeling to know that you have a church family that loves you and wants to help you.”

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