BIC millage vote could determine future of campuses

BIC millage vote could determine future of campuses

MONETTE, AR (KAIT) - Local school elections are being held today throughout Region 8.

The Buffalo Island School District looks to take two schools, one in Monette and one in Leachville, and build a new one in a central location.

Some in the area are upset the school district is asking for a nine millage increase, which would increase property taxes.

The school district is asking for a 9 mil increase to create the school which will be built between the towns of Monette and Leachville.  Both the towns of Monette and Leachville had signs line their streets on Tuesday as voters turned out in big numbers at the polls.  Some said they were for the millage while others were against.

Ann Wells is a former teacher and says she is for the millage in order to support education and said she was even a student at one of the schools when she was younger.

Wells said, "I went to school at the elementary in Leachville in the first grade, and I'm sixty-seven years old, and that's a long time for a building."

Others around town said that they don't support the millage increase due to how high it will make taxes.

Bobby Austin of Leachville said, "High taxes for thirty years, I mean if it was a couple years I could see that, but not for thirty years."

Others said that it isn't so much the tax increase that bothers them, but the well being of the town and what will happen if the schools move away.

Drew Luttrell is a long time resident of Leachville and said, "We go to these towns that have lost their schools and we see nothing but decayed buildings, houses with no value, houses for sale."

Luttrell said that it isn't that he doesn't care about the students at the schools, but thinks there is another way to tackle the problems than building a new school by fixing up the old schools instead and keeping them in the towns.

The voting for the 9 mil increase closed on Tuesday night at 7:30 PM.

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