DARE program starting back up

DARE program starting back up

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Kids are back in school and so are Jonesboro Police Officers with the DARE program.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a national program involving a ten week curriculum for fifth graders.

Jonesboro officers go into the classrooms and talk to children about drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure, bullying, and stress.

Corporal Kevin Foust with the JPD said they want to provide kids with all the information and support they can.

"We want them to make better choices and better decisions and to stop and think about those choices before they make them and just make better choices and better decisions and that's what it's all about."

Foust also said that abuse of drugs aren't the only issues they try to help children combat.

"There's a lot of different life skills and lessons within this curriculum. It's not just all about drugs and alcohol. So, we teach these lessons every year and we help the kids learn something from it and give them resources and places that they can go if they're having difficulties with one of these particular subjects."

The DARE program is currently in 48 classrooms in five Region 8 school districts.

This means around 1,100 fifth graders are participating in the DARE program.

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